Orders & Delivery


  • We offer two methods of shipment Standard & Express Delivery. We ship worldwide to selective countries.
  • All shipping times regardless whether it's a Express Delivery or Standard Delivery has between 24 hr - 4 days Handling & Processing Time before orders are shipped out. Should the processing time exceeds this, we will contact you. 
  • During our estimated four day processing window, if we need to speak with you we will use either your phone number or email provided by you at check out.
  • {We know that some people may NOT want to provide their correct contact details for various reasons, however during this period should we have a concern with your order and we cannot reach you regarding it, unfortunately we will cancel your order and refund you, you will then need to re-order again}
  • We would strongly advise that you check your emails/sms every other day until you receive a order notification from us that your order has been shipped. 




        • The question is, can you wait 7-15 days - 2 1/2 weeks for delivery? 
        • Our standard delivery service is the cheapest and most moderate delivery service, that in most cases is a lot quicker than you think.
        • Most of our products and prices in store are based on a standard delivery.
        • Generally our Standard Delivery takes between 7-10 working days to arrive from warehouse to door, but depending on your location and just to cover ourselves in most case of any delays, we've added on an extra 5 days on to our delivery.
        • Standard Delivery are specific to: Women's Tops, Women's Dresses, Women's Shoes, Women's Jeans & Trousers. 


          • Our Express Delivery has an estimated delivery of 3-7 Working Days  
          • Express orders are specified to: Men's Jeans & Cargo Pants , Men's Polo Shirts, Tracksuits, Men's T'shirts, Unisex Branded Perfumes & Colognes, Unisex Trainers, Women's Lingerie & Make Up & Unisex Banded Watches



          • Standard Delivery Fee £3- $2.40 (USA change rate varies)
          • Express Delivery Fee: £8.99- $11.  (USA change rate varies)
          • Free Delivery Over £100- $124 (USA change rate varies)


            TRACK YOUR ORDER  

            • Every order is provided with a Tracking Information Number (TIN)
            • You can now track your order on our website. Go to "Track My Order" on the home page. 
            • Enter your email address & your order number.
            • You can view detail travel information and you can also sign up for tracking alerts. 
            • Please Note: if for some reason, updates are not provided on the tracking system, please understand this has nothing to do with Lee Fed Clothing Store, this is simply down to our couriers not updating our systems.
            • Please contact us immediately and we will provide you with other alternatives travel updates.



              • ROUTE SHIPPING INSURANCE - We have now invested in providing extra security and protection for our customers. For a small extra fee have your parcel protected from lost, damage or stolen and now redirect protection whilst its travelling to you. Your money & parcel is guaranteed to be protected.   
              • [ Route Shipping Insurance is currently unable and will return shortly]



              • We've introduced a redirect service for shoppers who will not be home to collect their parcels in the UK & USA only. 
              • Just add the message REDIRECT at checkout and we will have your parcel directed to either our UK office or USA office.
              • You will be provided with tracking details as usual
              • In the UK your parcel will be resent with the Royal Mail or Hermes 
              • In the USA your parcel will be resent with UPS or FedEx & DHL
              • To use this service take our Route Safety Insurance at check out, that covers you for lost, stolen, theft and redirect protection.  


                  MULTI ORDERS

                  • If you place more than one order on our site, this is called a Multi Order.
                  • All multi orders will be shipped out separately and most likely to arrive at different times based on our shipping policy. You will be provided with a tracking number for each order place. 


                    CONTACT US

                    All social media contact links are on every single page.

                    • Social Media contacts: Facebook & WhatsApp Business, Instagram & Twitter, SMS/Text
                    • Email -
                    • We respond within 5-15 minutes on same day
                    • Opening Times: 10 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday 
                    • Sat 11:00 am -12 pm
                    • Sunday closed


                    FINE PRINT INFORMATION

                    • Should there be any natural disasters, holidays, weather conditions that prevents delays to your order, Lee Fed Clothing Store is not responsible for any delays.
                    • We will try to update any specific events happening worldwide that will prevent delays to your order.
                    • Lee Fed clothing store is not responsible for items lost during transit.
                    • All returns are at the expense of the customer  
                    • We are not responsible for any Taxes/Import charges to any destination.


                    OUR RIGHTS

                    • We have the rights to update our shipping policy at any time without any further notice.

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