Myleefed is a private limited company based in the UK. We have two private office locations based in the USA, Heartland Texas & UK, North London, GB. Our trading name is Lee Fed Online LTDVAT Registered- GB 257489554 and our Company House Registration is 1116 UK, GB. 
We have four worldwide warehouses from four locations where we ship from which are UK, EU, USA & Beijing. We are a small team that keeps our business in house.
    We opened in Feb 2018 and since then we've been learning and growing as a family in the open market.
    Our expertise lies within eBay, we built our reputation from over there since 2010 and currently we own Top Rated Power sellers status. Click on  to read our ratings/comments and see how we compare with our worldwide customers.
    Lee Fed Clothing and eBay is officially connected, we update our ratings from eBay every 12 month. See below.
    Our Mission
    To adopt the same strict principle we use on eBay and continue providing the same value and trust to deliver quality products. Secondly, we are here to provide you with the highest quality of fashion trends and excellent customer service. 
    We believe communication is the Key.... we would not have achieved Top Rate status on eBay without it.. We ensure that we answer every question within 5-15 min or on the same day. 
    We sell a variety of Men and Women fashion trends as well as 100% luxury branded authentic goods within fast delivery of 3-7 working days. 
    Where some of our goods may take a little longer to arrive, be sure when it does to expect the highest quality and presentation, if it doesn't please let us know immediately. 
      We are dedicated to working more cohesively with YOU as we value our customer time and we will gone the extra mile to provide clear transparency in our shipping times and policies. 
        Our business supports charities, we have already supported charities around the globe such as Cancer Research UK, Children's/Youth's foundations in the USA and other organisations. We consistently donate to Facebook charities, as we find a lot of value over there. As we grow, we will sincerely do a lot more. If you have a charity that you would like to tell us about, we will be more than happy to see where we can help, please email us at
          I would like to thank you for reading more about Lee Fed Family. I truly hope it has given you some insight into our business. If you're intrigued to find out more, follow on Facebook here    You can also follow us on Instagram here
            Don't be shy to reach out to us, we really appreciate the engagement from our customers.       Hope to hear from you soon :)           
            Lee Fed
            CEO / Manager                         
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