Returns & Refunds Policy

If you're unhappy with your order, please ensure that you follow these simple process.  You must go to our Return Centre within 24 hrs to alert us of your return.  Please fill out the information regarding your return.  We will then review your request and provide you with an outcome within 24 hrs. 
Once Returns Are Approved 
you must return your item within 20 working days before we will refund you or exchange your item. (The quicker you return our item, the quicker we will work on processing your next request.)
Only VIP's get priority refunds however this is down to the choice of Lee Fed Clothing Store.

Unfortunately at this time returns are at the expense of the customer. It costs £3.55 for Standard 1st class or £3.00 for a Standard 2nd class with the Royal Mail.  (Royal Mail Fees have nothing to do with Lee Fed Clothing Store
Please kindly retain your receipt form the Post Office for yours and our evidence of return and than provide us with the Tracking Number or Reference Number, which can be found on your receipt.
The Reason Why Your Parcel Will Not Be Approved 
We will not refund you if - you didn't contact us within 24 hrs. Alerting us of  a genuine return within this period prevents using the item in advance and causing damages with the expectation of getting a refund.
We do not consider this as a genuine reason for a return.  
We understand that you are also busy & things do happen, but a quick email or text can be completed within 5 minutes.We also accept text communication from our customers up 12 pm everyday. If an unfortunate circumstances do occur, we are very understanding and you must contact us as soon as possible.
We will not refund you if -20 days has passed and you have not returned our item. (Please note that 20 days return also includes weekends). 

We will not refund you If - When the item returns to us and it is a lot more damaged than what it is described in the Return Centre. If we also smell any perfumes, soap powder, bleach, washing up liquid or notice any tears or unusual marks that shows signs of usage, we will not refund you.

We will not refund you for hygiene purposes if- it is, Knickers, Earrings, Make up or Perfumes and it is used or opened. 
    Where You Will Not Get A Refund
    We will provide you with store discount code with up to 10% off to use at anytime as a one off.
      Returns can be complicated and we can provide you with a whole list of  reasons why we take returns seriously. We adapt the same principles we use on our eBay site. Lets make our returns as honest and safe as possible.



      Refunds will be returned within 24 hrs if an item is out of stock, you will be notified via Email or WhatsApp Business or SMS.   

      Refunds will Not be returned to anyone else but the card holder, we will not initiate any returns to any family members, friends or any third party. If we have to make an authorised agreed payments outside of our store we will only make direct payments via PayPal accounts only as to which this is tracked and secured.  

      If you don't have a PayPal account, you have up to 10 Working days to open an account for us to make a deposit. 
      On day 5 of this process, we will contact you via email, WhatsApp Business as a following up and reminder. 

      On day 10 we will contact you again to confirm whether the account has been opened, if the account is open, we will deposit the funds straight away, if you fail to open your account within the 10 day time frame, we have the rights to close the case without non payment.

      Should you decided to return after 10 working days, we will issue you with a 10% discount code as a one off. 
      Click the logo to be taken to the Returns Centre. 
      Returns Centre

        Bank or Credit Card Payments refunds are returned within 3-5 days.

        An email /sms confirmation will be sent from Lee Fed Clothing Store to you, once we've generated a refund. 
        We will only do this once we confirm a receipt of our returned item and we are happy there are No faults. 
        A email/sms confirms that we have instructed our bank to arrange a return of funds back to you. 
        Please check with your bank if there are any delays outside of this time. 



          PayPal refunds are returned within 1-2 working days.

          Please ensure that you have set up a full PayPal account rather than just a method of secure payment.

          PayPal provides (you) the customer with Buyers Protection & (us) the Seller with Seller Protection against fraudulent activities. 

          At Lee Fed Clothing Store we fully standby and recommend PayPal as a first and secure method of payment. 

          We will only initiate a refund, only when our item returns to us and we are happy there are No faults.

          An email confirmation will be sent from Lee Fed/PayPal account confirming your refund.

          Refunds will be returned to your PayPal account instantly or within 24 hrs.  


            PART REFUNDS

            If you choose to keep an item that is partly damaged. 

            You must go to our Return Centre and complete a returns log within 24 hrs. 

            You must provide us with a clear photo(s) of the damage for us to assess.
            You must send this photo evidence to us via Email or Whats App Business, Facebook Message or SMS.
            We will make a decision within 24 hrs and contact you.
            You will then be notified of our decision within the Returns Centre

            If approved, will offer you a cost of repair up to the value of £5.00 / $8.00 which will be refunded via your Credit/Debit Card. [Please read the refund processing time] 

            If not approved, we will offer you 10 % discount code as a one off to use in store. 



            Exchanges will require a new order to be placed, please go to our Return Centre to complete the process.
              In most cases exchanges may not be possible therefore a refund will be issued. 
              Please read the the refund policy regarding return payments to bank accounts.
                If exchanges are approved the handling & processing time of orders outline in shipping policy will be the same and orders will be delivered in the same shipping method you used in your original order.


                  OUR RIGHTS

                  We have the rights to change our return policy at anytime without notice. 

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